Colombres Rally


From 6th to 13th October 2019 the famous Colombres Rally takes place in the beautiful village of Colombres (Spain); Considered an unmissable event in the European calendar of the classic motorcycle, the Rally is open to motorcycles manufactured before 1988, scheduled for a week, daily routes between 78 and 156 miles (entre 125 y 250 km), which run through some of the most beautiful places in Spain , between the mountains of the Picos de Europa and the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. During the routes, there is always a stop to have a rest, in which the organization offers you a generous meal (sandwiches, Cabrales cheese, homemade desserts ...) to continue enjoying the route free of troubles and focusing only in having fun. In addition, the organization has an assistance van which will follow the routes to pick up your bike in case of a breakdown.  This vehicle will leave 30 min after the last participant and will help all those registered in need. 

The registration spot is as always the old house of tourism of Colombres where you can collect all the necessary items (dorsal, route sheets, trophy, T-shirt, ...), complete the registration and then it is time for you to check into your selected hotel.
For a week, the Moto Club Indianos will take you from the beaches of northern Spain to the highest peaks of the Picos de Europa..... but that isn't all.....

On Thursday we will gather at the Colombres sports centre to have supper or "espicha" (typical Asturian dinner) with ribs, chorizo creole, Spanish tortillas, ham, cabrales cheese ...where we will have the chance to chat with bikers from different countries about..... well, the bikes, of course.

On Friday, the Blue Ribbon route of Colombres Rally takes place, the famous 300 miles; the participants have a demanding route of 300 miles (486 km), overcoming several mountain passes in Picos de Europa, along the way they will pass through three randomly located checkpoints that will certify their accomplishment and thus they will receive their desired trophy. For the rest of the participants will be organized a "light" version of the 300 miles with fewer kilometres but maintaining the beauty of the route.

During the weekend Colombres becomes an open event to all the motorcycle keeners, which year after year don't miss the appointment with this beautiful village and with the classic bikes. The autojumble and classic motorcycle exhibition, which takes place at the Colombres sports centre during the weekend, is a good opportunity to find all kinds of items related to motorcycles.
Several activities make Colombres Square become the epicentre of the biker world this weekend....

On Saturday the “Bustio-Colombres 12 + 1 hill-climb” for classic racing motorcycles takes place, an event in which the participants delight the public with their skill and their courage running on a closed road with that "taste of the old times" that we all yearn for. Four classes: the smoking two strokes, the thundering four strokes, the two-cylinder and the exhibition models; All of them make us spend a fantastic day of motorcycling. In recent years our guest start was Paul Smart (legendary British racer) who did the honour of participating with us in the rally; Last year the honoured guest was César Gracia Samper, 125 c.c Spainish champion in 1959.

Sunday is not only the last day, in addition to the autojumble/exhibition, we have more activities prepared to amuse our visitors. This day takes place the classic Motocross Race a growing event with more participants and classes every year. We have several Spanish motocross champions who honour us with their presence, like the 3 times Spanish champion and 3 times runner-up José Ángel Mendivil.

To end this day full of events we dedicate an activity to the new generations with the dispute of the "toy-bike race" for small children, in it the future racers delight the public who cheer with enthusiasm.

All this is just a small draft of what the Colombres Rally is; If you really want to feel and experience the "spirit of Colombres" you have no choice but to sign up ... We are waiting for you!

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