300 miles

If you are brave enough this is your challenge. Riding more than 300 miles (500 kms) in a single day, ascending from sea level to peaks around 2000 meters hight is something only achivable for a very small group of people; You will ride through some of the most spectacular and demanding mountain passes of the Picos de Europa with ramps higher than 18% and an elevation gain of 6000 m ..

You will have to put into practice not only your physical endurance but also your orientation due to the fact that you will not have arrows that mark the path to follow, instead you will have a detailed route sheet which will allow you completing the route, which is planned for an average speed of 48 km / h. Halfway through the route, you will have a refreshment stop to stretch your muscles, recharge your batteries and make some adjustments to your motorcycle if necessary.

And that isn't all... to make it even more entertaining, during the test there will be 3 checkpoints where a commissioner will verify that you are performing the route correctly. The participant will never know where these checkpoints will be located so he must complete the route following the path marked by the organizers. The checkpoints will only stay for a certain period of time, therefore, do not run too much (this is not a race) but do not go too slow either, otherwise, you may skip one of the checkpoints, either because the commissary is not there yet or because he has already left.

The ones who complete this test will receive an exclusive trophy for having managed to survive the toughest and most spectacular route of the Colombres Rally. The number of participants in this event has been growing every year. Those who try it come back for more..

Remember: A challenge, one day, a gain of 6000 m, 3 checkpoints and 300 miles (500 kms) through the best mountain passes of Picos de Europa .... you dare?

*Date: Friday 11th October, 2018

*Registration fee: 10

*Any rider with a classic motorcycle prior to 1988 can participate, it is NOT necessary to be registered in the Colombres Rally.

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Colombres Rally



Colombres Rally

It is an unmissable event on the classic motorcycle calendar and acclaimed internationally in several magazines as one of the best classic motorcycle rallies in Europe, the next Colombres Rally will take place from 4th to 11th October, 2020.


Only bikes registered before 1988 participate in the event.


Daily routes are scheduled for 7 days. They reach between 75 and 155 miles, and are run through some of the most beautiful landscapes of northern Spain and the highest mountains of PICOS DE EUROPA; all routes have a generous and delicious snack that will allow participants to continue enjoying themselves without worrying about anything else than riding a motorcycle. In addition, the organization provides an assistance van in order to pick up or remove the bikes in case of failure during the route.


On Friday 9th October, the famous 300 miles route will be held, in which the intrepid participants will ride 300 millas through the most demanding ports of Picos de Europa, along this route three roadblocks will be set up without knowing their location. This is a challenge only for real road racers, and former riders such as Mr. Cesar Gracia Samper (the former Spanish 125cc champion in 1959 and runner-up in Europe in 250cc) never miss it. For the remaining participants, a "lighter" version of the 300-miles route will be organized, with fewer miles, but keeping the beauty of the route.


During the weekend (10th and 11th October) all classic motorbikes lovers and supporters will be able to enjoy from 10.00 am. to 8.00 pm the "Classic Motorcycle Exhibition and Autojumble" which will be held in the Colombres sports centre; a good opportunity to find everything you need for your mounts, as well as all kind of articles related to motorbikes. Moreover, there will be a nice indoor exhibition of classic motorcycles that we recommend you to see.


On Saturday 10th October will take place the "Subida Bustio-Colombres 12+1" where riders and mounts will delight the public; every year we have the participation of a guest of honour, the last one was Mr. Carlos Cardus, ex official rider of the Repsol-Honda team and sub champion of the world in the category of 250 cc in 1990, champion of Spain of 250 cc in 1982 and 1983 and champion of Europe in 1983. Previous years also had the participation of the legendary British Ducati rider Mr. Paul Smart who, in addition to riding a Ducati, rode with us during the week in the Classic Motorcycle Rally.


On Sunday 11th October will take place the classic Motocross, a show in which we can see riders of yesteryear riding on their Bultacos, Ossas, Montesas, Puch ... in addition to a whole cast of ex-riders as Mr. Jose Angel Mendivil (3 times champion of Spain and 3 times runner), Mr. Jesus Saiz (1 time champion of Spain and runner), Mr. Jose Maria Saiz "Titin"...

As topped off this event, on Sunday we will devote an activity to the new generations with the dispute of the "Toy motorcycle race" for boys and girls where the future riders will delight the public that jellies their evolutions with great fervor, a real show in which not only the little ones but also the older ones will enjoy.


All this is just a small incentive of what the Rally de Colombres is; if you really want to feel and live the "Spirit of Colombres" you have no other choice but to sign up... we are waiting for you!




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Indiano Summer 2017





The Moto Club Indianos annual summer rally. Returns for 2017 and we have transformed it totally. It is no longer exclusively limited to classic motorcycles. We realise that some people have not been able to attend our famous “Colombres Rally” in October for various reasons, like not having an eligible classic bike or clashes with other activities.

The event as always will be based in and around Colombres and will include the authentic elements that Colombres is famous for and to make it even easier for you to experience your first “Colombres”. Brittany Ferries will discount the ferry fare to help you get here. Discounts are ONLY available when you make your reservation on the Moto Club Indianos page of Brittany Ferries website, using the link supplied by us.

4 days (10 to 15 May) to enjoy organised routes in and around the spectacular Picos de Europa. Not for nothing is Asturias called “Paraiso Natural”, a natural paradise.  This event is a rally NOT a race or a time trial; you ride at your own pace and stop when you need to take photos or top up your caffeine levels. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, meet friends, old and new.

Come and enjoy some of the best roads in Europe and share our passion for motorbikes. You will be in good hands because as organisers, we have the experience of staging the famous “Reunión Internacional de Motos Clasicas de Colombres”which has become one of Europe’s premier classic bike events.


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Rally Internacional Colombres 2015

 Colombres 2016 Concentración Internacional de Motos Clásicas  2nd – 9th October 

The Moto Club Indianos International Classic Rally is now firmly established as the premier event in the classic bike calendar. By dint of hard work, innovation and holding true to the basic principles, “Colombres” has achieved the goal set out by the organizers: to be a well-organized, friendly and above all, an enjoyable event. It is hard to believe that so much has been achieved in just 5 years.

Each year has brought new challenges. These, plus the additions to the original programme, have enhanced the reputation of “Colombres.” Here are some of the event highlights.

Bustio – Colombres Hill Climb. This Hill Climb is for Classic race bikes and is held on Saturday or the “Dia Grande”. This is your chance to see and hear real race bikes competing on a normal village road. The event comprises both 2 stroke and 4 stroke classes so something for the “Blue Haze Brigade” and for Thumper fans too.

 2nd “Colombres 300” This is an opportunity to test yourself and your bike over a distance of 300 miles. There are secret checkpoints which must be visited in order and within a specified time period. The event is limited to 50 riders, so this is one to book early to avoid disappointment.

Autojumble The autojumble will be held over Friday Saturday and Sunday in thePolideportivo, just a couple of minutes from the square; just follow the signs.

Classic Moto Cross This takes place on Sunday. For aficionados of  the bumpy stuff, again this is held just a couple of minutes walk from the square; just follow the signs….and the noise - you can’t miss it.

Kiddies Motorbike Race This is where it gets very serious, all the bikes are scrutineered and no tuning or mods are allowed but tyre choice is left to the kids to decide….most choose slicks whatever the weather….now that is serious racing !!!

Brittany Ferries is offering a 20% discount for rally attendees, Only with official code from organisers, supplied when you register for the rally.

For your convenience an application form is available on this website just click Inscripción 2016

If you have any queries contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

              Places are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: This event is only open to bikes registered up to 1988





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