Conditions of entry:

1.     The rally is open to all types of classic motorcycles registered up to 1988 there is no restriction on engine size or country of manufacture. The only requirement is that the motorcycle is road legal

2.     You must register online beforehand just follow the instructions on the webpage

3.     All riders must carry ALL vehicle documentation when riding this includes current MOT, Insurance certificate and logbook. You must ensure that MOT, Insurance and RFL do not expire before you return home.

4.     On arrival at Colombres you will be given your route sheets for each days rides

5.     A recovery service will be available in the event of a breakdown or accident to transport you and your motorcycle back to your base/hotel at your request. This service can be accessed by using your mobile phone. We will get to you as soon as possible

6.     The rides start from the square in Colombres each day at 10.00am and will follow the route indicated on the days route sheet. On any day of the rally should you decide to deviate from the pre-planned route or stop along the way and the truck passes you, should you then breakdown or have an accident, you will have to use the service provided by your insurance company or motoring organization. Remember if the breakdown truck passes you they will not be able to help you in case of breakdown or accident

7.     This is a rally NOT a race, we are here to enjoy riding our classic bikes in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the company of friends old and new. This, is part of the atmosphere that makes Colombres so special.

8.     The support vehicle will leave Colombres 30 minutes after the last rider departs. Don’t let it pass you unless you have decided to deviate from the days route, in that case see 6 above.