300 Miles


If you are brave enough this is your challenge. Riding more than 300 miles (500 kms) in a single day, ascending from sea level to peaks around 2000 meters hight is something only achivable for a very small group of people; You will ride through some of the most spectacular and demanding mountain passes of the Picos de Europa with ramps higher than 18% and an elevation gain of 6000 m .. You will have to put into practice not only your physical endurance but also your orientation due to the fact that you will not have arrows that mark the path to follow, instead you will have a detailed route sheet which will allow you completing the route, which is planned for an average speed of 48 km / h. Halfway through the route, you will have a refreshment stop to stretch your muscles, recharge your batteries and make some adjustments to your motorcycle if necessary. And that isn't all... to make it even more entertaining, during the test there will be 3 checkpoints where a commissioner will verify that you are performing the route correctly. The participant will never know where these checkpoints will be located so he must complete the route following the path marked by the organizers. The checkpoints will only stay for a certain period of time, therefore, do not run too much (this is not a race) but do not go too slow either, otherwise, you may skip one of the checkpoints, either because the commissary is not there yet or because he has already left. The ones who complete this test will receive an exclusive trophy for having managed to survive the toughest and most spectacular route of the Colombres Rally... you dare?


REMEMBER: A challenge, one day, only with a roadbook, a gain of 6000 m, 3 checkpoints and 300 miles (500 kms) through the best mountain passes of Picos de Europa ....

*Day: Friday 8th October, 2021.


*Registration fee:

15 € (for riders REGISTERED in Colombres Rally)

25 € (for riders NOT REGISTERED in Colombres Rally) 


*Any rider with a classic motorcycle prior to 1988 can participate, it is NOT necessary to be registered in the Colombres Rally.